How To Iphone Data Recovery Water Damage

Sometimes, we need solution about our iphone data recovery water damage. Our iPhones hold so much data. There are times when even a software update can cause data loss. If you have deleted or lost data on your iPhone at some time, whether total or partial loss, you no doubt understand how bad the situation can be, especially when the data lost is important. Most of the time we do have a backup but there are times when the data is newly created and hence couldn’t be backed up in time. One of the most common reasons for data loss is usually accidental deletion although it can happen for a whole host of other reasons.

Iphone Data Recovery Water Damage
Iphone Data Recovery Water Damage

When you accidentally drop your iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus in water you can still save it. Wether it’s in the sink, toilet or pool, we’ll show you how you can recover from most iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s water damage problems.

There is a procedure to be applied when your iPhone falls into the water. To prevent the water completely permeates the iPhone, we must act quickly :

1. Get out your iPhone and water immediately turn it off by pressing 5 seconds on the “Sleep / Wake” at the top, then doing drag the cursor to the right. Obviously, if your iPhone is already off will not turn on.

2. Dry the iPhone with a towel or piece of cloth. Do not use a hair dryer, oven or microwave (excess heat can damage the iPhone).
Take a plastic bag, preferably one that closes tightly. Fill it with uncooked rice and / or with packets of silica gel. Place the iPhone into the plastic bag and make sure the unit is completely covered with rice. If you do not have rice or silica freezes, you can place the iPhone in a dry and well ventilated cold air (eg a room used for drying clothes)

3. If you do not have a resealable plastic bag, you can use a regular plastic bag. It will just take care to remove air and close it properly. If you really have nothing of all this, use a bowl.

4. The iPhone should remain in the rice at least 24 hours. However, it is best to leave it 48 hours.After that time, the rice well absorbed iPhone water

Three Ways to recover iphone data recovery water damage are retrieve data from water damage iPhone without backup, extract data from water damaged iPhone via iTunes backup file, estore data from water damaged iPhone via iCloud backup file.

I can assure you iPhone data still can be retrieved after water damaged! Firstly, if your iPhone won’t turn on, it is impossible to restore data back to iPhone. Moreover, Apple doesn’t offer any way to iphone data recovery water damage without backup. Therefore, it is highly recommend using Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery program to retrieve data from water damaged iPhone.

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