Iphone 6 Camera Resolution That You Should Know

The iPhone 6 camera resolution details were apparently posted on Weibo, and seem to echo a different report from China that also stated Apple will not increase the megapixels count on the upcoming iPhone models. The company has decided to stick with the 8-megapixel camera, improving picture and camera quality over the year, for what’s described as the best camera around

Iphone 6 Camera Resolution
Iphone 6 Camera Resolution

The iPhone 6 camera resolution (3264 x 2448) falls slightly short of 4K (4096 x2160 pixels) and UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels), so to get these higher 4k resolutions the apps upscale the footage by around 18%. The quality of the footage can vary a bit from app to app, but if you are after a taster as to what 4K footage will look like then this is a great way to get started. The footage is usually kept within the app.

New iPhone 6S rear camera result is amazing, No need for more resolution. Still you want then try pro features app in App store and also useful for make low resolution picture saved in iPhone camera roll. Another option for change resolution for decrease size of picture, Open photo from photos app and take screen snap by press home and sleep/ Wake button at once. Taken screenshot size is too low comparatively original photo, that was saved in your photos app

While Apple headway with its 8MP resolution of Iphone 6 Camera Resolution, relying on better advantages of image quality, most manufacturers are already migrated to higher resolutions. According to the same analyst, Sony has a 65.7% market share of photo sensor resolution with 13MP or more.

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