What Is The IPhone 6 Battery Size – A Good Review

Fortunately for you, Apple has made some improvements to iPhone 6 battery size and capacity. In order to take care of your phone, you should first pay attention and take good care of the battery, since the battery is the heart of the phone itself. In order to fully understand about iPhone 6 battery size, capacity, and also how to extend its battery life, keep on reading this article.

Iphone 6 Battery Size
Iphone 6 Battery Size

A report comes from Taiwan’s Digitimes, which notes that the next iPhone’s battery has a purported thickness of 2 millimeters, which is slimmer than the 3-millimeter battery found on all variations of the iPhone 5. It’ll need that extra capacity to power its larger display without decreasing the iPhone’s battery life.

The obvious problem is the iPhone 6 battery size, It self. Apple made its thinnest, lightest iPhone ever, and that slim form came at the expense of battery life. To put that 1,810 mAh battery in perspective, the 2.5 year old Galaxy S3 has a 2,100 mAh battery.

Fortunately for Apple fans, the iPhone 6 Plus isn’t nearly as bad. The iPhone 6 Plus offers a 6.5 hour battery life. That’s about 20 minutes longer than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (this year’s Note 4 has not yet been tested). In other words, it keeps pace with the competition.

Through this article, I hope that you can now have a good understanding about iPhone 6 battery size.

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